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When you wear your right colours you come alive!

I got my colours and styles done at Your Colours, Perth when I was just 19. It was the best money I’ve ever spent! I thought I knew what suited me until I had them done and boy what a difference I could see it made when my correct colours were shown to me! When you wear your right colours you come alive! Your skin shines, your eyes pop and you feel fantastic!  Now at age 46 the only makeup I ever use is from Your Colours as I know the colours are correct and match well together with everything I wear. It’s affordable and lasts ages and the ladies in the salon are always so helpful! You actually save so much money when you know your correct clothing and makeup colours as you get it right the first time! I often get compliments on my colours suiting me and on my makeup.


The Best Money I’ve Spent

I had my colours done in 2002 and it was the best money I’ve spent. It opened up a whole new world of colour for me & especially changed my views on makeup and hair colour. I’ve never felt better and more confident in my colour choices and regularly get complimented on my colours and how well I look (even when unwell or tired!!). I’ve also seen the amazing difference it has made for my many friends and family who’ve also used the service. It’s so much fun to shop together and share what we’ve seen in the shops that would suit one or the other. I love the makeup, the value for money in the kit and the ease of ordering over the phone and having orders sent to my regional address.


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